My Story

For most of my life I thought it was normal to bloat after meals, most meals anyway, so I never questioned it.  Eggs make me feel nauseous and give me stomach cramps so I stopped eating those years ago.  Bonus – I won’t cry ‘fowl’, I never liked them anyway.  I’m also allergic to MSG.  Envious yet? – LOL.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I heard that gluten intolerance could be the cause of bloating.  ‘Bloating is not normal?’  Ah ha!  All sorts of questions popped into my head.  Seriously though, I did think gluten intolerance was just another fad, however, thought it was worth looking into.

My allergist gave me a few skin pricks in the arm (no, not injections, don’t worry) and a basic elimination diet to trial at home over a several weeks.  Easy – well truthfully it was challenging.  I nearly self-diagnosed but I would have mis-diagnosed.  I’m not gluten intolerant.  I’m intolerant to wheat, yeast, eggs,  food additives 210-213 and allergic to MSG.  Wow – I should have self-diagnosed.  Just kidding.

As soon as I eliminated the offending foods I felt great.  I don’t get any symptoms unless I eat the wrong foods.  I have more energy and generally feel healthier.  If it turns out that you have an allergy or intolerance you should let your family and friends know, especially if you have an allergy.  Warning – They may never invite you for dinner again.  Ha ha.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.  It’s just a matter of changing to a more primitive way of eating.  Forget the packaged foods and processed foods and go back to basics.  Just think of the benefits of knowing what goodness and love goes into your meals.  It could be fun and you never know, you may create a new recipe.  ‘So what can we eat?  What can’t we eat?’  Read on food lovers…


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