Is wheat intolerance the same as gluten intolerance?  No, they are completely different.  Wheat is a grain and you could react to any part of the wheat plant.  Gluten is one of the many proteins found in wheat and in other grains.  Wheat free food is ok if you have a wheat intolerance but may not be suitable for gluten intolerance – and vice versa.  However if you check the ingredients it may be ok for both of you.  I’ve added a list of flours to clarify the difference between ‘wheat free’ and ‘gluten free’.  There are more flours available but this should get you started.

Wheat can also be found in a lot of processed foods.  So basically I do my best to avoid all processed foods.  I can’t list all the foods otherwise I would be here for a life time.  Here’s a few suggestions.

Wheat free foods (PDF Format)

 If you are unable to view PDF files please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll send a list to you.


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